Sustainable & Affordable Housing

Prefabricated, panelized building solutions address the urgent housing needs of communities

Sustainable & Affordable Housing

Cross laminated timber offers a faster way to build that is remarkably cost-effective. Working together with Edge Architects we developed an innovative mass timber solution to help address the affordable housing crisis. The optimized CLT structure featured here offers a modifiable design for developers, communities, and housing authorities seeking a better way to provide multi-unit residential buildings to meet the significant and growing need for affordable housing.

Building Features


The optimized CLT design incorporates manufacturing efficiencies that help drive down cost. Furthermore, the use of prefabricated mass timber components helps reduce the construction schedule which can generate significant cost savings over a strictly site-built project.


Site-built projects can be subject to weather delays, coordination issues, skilled local labour shortages, and other disruptions. In factory-built projects, timelines are compressed, with site preparation and fabrication often happening concurrently. Components are shipped in sequence for quick assembly.


People naturally respond to a warm, welcoming wood building. New research in the field of building science shows that this response is more than just a feeling. Incorporating wood and other natural elements into our buildings can directly contribute to the health and well-being of building occupants.


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Optimized design solutions & alternative structural systems

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We believe innovative, sustainable wood systems accelerate the adoption of mass timber construction and greatly improve the built environment.


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