Cross-Laminated Insulated Panels


CLIPs from Element5 are a complete, factory-built building envelope solution based on CLT

Cross-Laminated Insulated Panels are a cost-effective, customizable, complete building envelope solution made from CLT. CLIPs are prefabricated off-site in a controlled factory environment and add value to projects by shortening overall construction timelines, facilitating rapid building enclosure, and increasing both the quality and energy performance of the building envelope.

Although they are prefabricated components, CLIPs provide a bespoke solution suitable for all wood and hybrid construction that can be designed to meet the needs of each project. They can be built to varying degrees of completion in the factory where windows, doors and cladding can all be pre-installed.
The wall assembly can be structural or non-structural and customized to achieve any R-value or thermal criteria including Passive House. CLIPs are commonly made with wood fibre or EPS insulation, but mineral fibre insulation is also used, particularly for tall buildings.
Most projects can benefit from the added value CLIPs provide. Commercial projects, including mixed-use occupancies, multi-unit residential developments, and large-scale offices, are well-suited to CLIPs, as are institutional projects in the healthcare and education sectors.
Fabrication photos
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Cross-Laminated Insulated Panels (CLIPs) characteristics


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