Multi – Unit Residential Buildings

Building better, faster, and more profitably with off-site manufactured mass timber solutions from Element5

Sustainable Mass Timber Multi-Unit Residential Building Solution

A pre-engineered, cost competitive, quick to construct template for use by Owners & Developers, Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors to pro-actively go after the mid-rise residential market with an off-site manufactured mass timber solution.

Building Features

Higher ROI

Time is money. Prefabricated, modular mass timber structures go up much faster than strictly site-built projects and a shorter timeline means decreased carrying costs, a quicker close-out and faster occupancy. This streamlined construction approach increases overall project ROI.

Faster to Market

In a prefabricated mass timber project, the building components can be manufactured the same time as site and foundation work. Depending on the size and complexity of the manufactured components, this has the potential to considerably reduce a construction schedule.


Wood is a natural, renewable, and sustainable construction material with a lighter carbon footprint than steel or concrete. Prefabricated mass timber offers enhanced sustainability by increasing performance and minimizing waste. We use sustainably sourced Ontario wood to manufacture our products.

Architectural Renderings


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