Is mass timber the right choice?
Determine that early.

Cost consulting

Considering building with Mass Timber? Unsure how much it will cost? Contact us, we can help. We rely on 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and integrated cost databases to develop fast, accurate and reliable construction budgets. While timber buildings may look more expensive, they’re actually cost competitive, especially when lifecycle and total cost are considered.

Design in wood from the start and save.

Design Consulting

Our in-house timber specialists work alongside architects at any stage of the design process, from conceptual design to working drawings. We assist with elegant, cost effective, and optimized design solutions. Our range of contemporary mass timber products allows architects and designers to create comfortable spaces with style.

Choosing the right Engineer for your project is critical.


Innovations in engineered wood products and connections have sparked a renaissance in timber construction. Together with leading wood-engineering firms we deliver safe, practical, cost effective and highly refined structural solutions. Our integrated approach considers the building as a system, resulting in buildings of unparalleled comfort and performance.

Work with a manufacturer that serves you.


Streamlined design methods and tools allow us to seamlessly move from project costing to production. Our climate-controlled factory in Ontario produces a range of mass timber elements that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our specialized press produces the widest Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels in North America at 3.5m wide by 16m in length.

The best and most experienced people for the job.


We deliver internationally, optimizing flatbed or container shipments for timely delivery. Parts are packaged in the order of assembly and are protected with weather resistant transport tarps. Element5 crews, when hired, are mass-timber-experienced and ensure safe, quick and organized assemblies. Alternatively, on-site supervisory services or detailed assembly plans are available to assist an owner’s own crew.