Committed to sustainability

The question is no longer 'why wood?' but rather, 'if not wood, then what?'

Responsible forestry is just the beginning

Ensuring sustainability begins in the forest with responsible forest management practices. In Ontario, where we source our wood, there is virtually zero deforestation because only a fraction of one percent of the forest is harvested each year and renewal of the forest is required by law. Our lumber inputs come from mills committed to sustainable forest management and our factory in St. Thomas is FSC certified for the production of mass timber products certified as FSC Mix.

A multifaceted approach to sustainability...

Ontario Wood Supply

When you build with Ontario wood products, you are not only building sustainably, but also supporting jobs and forest-dependent communities, and contributing to innovation and advancement in the value-added wood sector. We proudly partner with mills that protect the environment and support diverse forest values and inclusive community outcomes.

FSC Certificate Holder

We are proud to bear the internationally recognized FSC label which provides people with an assurance that the mass timber elements they buy from us are made from responsibly sourced wood that has been verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards. We manufacture products as FSC Mix under Trademark License Code: FSC-C166066.

Off-Site Construction

As we look to the future, we know the next big step in sustainable development involves the prefabrication of buildings off-site. Factory-built solutions are the key to the significant gains in construction efficiency and building performance that we need, not only to improve our built environment but also to reduce its carbon footprint.

There are fewer GHG emissions associated with a wood-frame building than other building types. This difference can be quite large and can be taken as a carbon credit for the amount of CO2 emissions that were avoided (displaced) by choosing wood over other more GHG-intensive materials.

Free Online Carbon Calculator

Are you interested in learning about the carbon benefits of your wood building? Use this free online tool from the Canadian Wood Council to discover how much time it takes Canadian and U.S. forests to grow the wood needed for your building and calculate the associated carbon benefits – both the amount of carbon stored and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided. Estimate the carbon impact of your wood building with this easy-to-use carbon calculator.

Carbon calculator