nanoCLT enables interior design choices to compliment exposed mass timber structures

Attractive, edge-glued nano panels provide a large degree of interior design flexibility. nanoCLT can be used for paneling, cabinetry, millwork and many other interior applications. Their complementary appearance works in concert with our other SPF structural products (CLT, Glulam).

nanoCLT is a thin version of CLT from the same wood palette as our CLT and Glulam

Though considerably thinner than standard sized CLT panels, nanoCLT can be used in both structural and non-structural applications.
nanoCLT is made from sustainably sourced wood and edge glued in the factory for a beautiful, seamless surface.
nanoCLT is a versatile product that enables interior design choices with a complementary appearance to exposed mass timber structure.
Product "in situ"

nanoCLT characteristics


Residential and commercial use as interior wall and ceiling panels, exterior soffit, cabinetry, and other millwork.

Appearence grades

Two sided visual architectural grade



Number of layers

3 Layers


19 mm

Maximum width

1025 mm , 1250 mm


5000 mm

E5 nanoCLT

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