Pharmacie Brunet

Type: Commercial

Address: Wakefield, Quebec

Pharmacie Brunet


This multi-tenant commercial building is home to a Pharmacie Brunet and several other healthcare businesses. Completed in 2 phases, the glulam post and beam structure lends warmth to the space, creating a human-centred, nurturing environment perfectly suited to the building’s use. Research that shows that healthcare facilities with natural elements like wood promote positive outcomes for staff and clients alike. Benefits include increased productivity, reduced absences, and an improved sense of occupant well-being. A recent study by FPInnovations and UBC found that the visual presence of wood in a room lowers SNS activation in occupants. This means that the wood building actually helps lower a patient’s stress level, a discovery that strengthens the connection between wood and human health.

About Pharmacie Brunet

Architect / Designer

Wakefield, QC




Sébastien Lavallée

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