Oakville Fire Station #8

Type: Municipal

Address: Oakville, Ontario

Oakville Fire Station #8

Public - Mass Timber Fire Station

Strong and resilient mass timber construction is a perfect fit for fire stations and other emergency services buildings. That’s because prefabricated mass timber components are a customizable, modular, easily reapeatable building envelope solution that reduces construction time and increases site safety and project sustainably.

Oakville Fire Station 8 was one of the first buildings in North America to combine glulam (glue-laminated timber) and CLT (cross-laminated timber) to provide both structural and envelope elements as a complete mass timber solution. The use of prefabricated mass timber wood components in the structural systems and building envelope delivered a completed building that also suited the aggressive construction schedule (station became operational in the summer of 2020 during the global pandemic).

The wood for the beautiful and distinctive hand-charred wood siding was sourced from a mill that salvages sunken logs from the lakes and rivers of the Outaouais Region and greater Quebec. The siding was processed and profiled locally making for a distinctly unique and beautiful building for both the occupants and the community.

Design, Approach and Planning Process

The objectives of this new 11,450 ft 2 (1064 m2) fire station specified that the building should promote staff retention, optimize efficiencies and layout flexibility and incorporate appropriate and durable construction materials and building systems.

The project used an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process and Lean Construction principles to align expectations and outcomes across all dimensions of the project. Efficiency and the involvement of all participants through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction was mandated. To facilitate collaboration and interaction, Building Information Modelling (BIM and 3D modelling were used. This helped enhance the project team’s ability to clearly define and understand scope, plan the schedule, and verify costs.

Solutions provided by the design team were innovative and cost-efficient, providing value to the town. The project pursued sustainable construction methodologies to mitigate climate risk and achieve the LEED silver certification target.

About Oakville Fire Station #8

Architect / Designer

Oakville , ON


Town of Oakville


Cost consulting, Design consulting, Coordination with steel, 3D modelling, Shop drawings, Supply of mass timber elements, Coordination of transportation, Assembly.


Chandos Construction (General Contractor)
Gillam Group (Construction Management Company)