Oakville Fire Station #8

Oakville Fire Station #8

Public - Fire Station

Strong and resilient mass timber construction is a perfect fit for fire stations and other emergency services buildings. Prefabricated components like the Cross-Laminated Insulated Panels (CLIPs) that were used for the Oakville Fire Station are reinventing the way we build. CLIPs are a customizable, building envelope solution that reduces construction time and increases site safety and project sustainably.

The project used an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process for design and construction to align expectations and outcomes across all dimensions of the project.

With the exception of the steel frame in the apparatus bay, glulam and CLT form the structural and envelope elements as a complete mass timber solution that is modular, panelized and easily repeatable. The firehall clearly demonstrates how wood systems can easily and efficiently meet the design and performance requirements of a post-disaster shelter.

About Oakville Fire Station #8

Architect / Designer

Oakville , ON


Cost consulting, Design consulting, Coordination with steel, 3D modelling, Shop drawings, Supply of mass timber elements, Coordination of transportation, Assembly


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