BOXX Panels


Materially-efficient, hollow core CLT panels for long spans

BOXX panels are made up of a top and bottom layer of CLT separated by glulam stringers or engineered joists. The cores of the panels can be filled (optionally) with insulation or used to run services.  Produced in the factory and shipped to site ready to install, these prefabricated cassettes have the capacity to quickly and efficiently span long distances between supporting structural members and significantly speed up the construction process.

BOXX panels are custom-designed to meet the structural, aesthetic, fire and acoustic performance requirements of each project.
These innovative panels enable longer spans with reduced materials and are a valuable addition to the mass timber toolkit.
Variations on BOXX panels include Rib Panels which are comprised of 1 CLT panel with glulam 'ribs' to increase panel capacity.
Fabrication photos
Assembly photos
Product “in situ” use

BOXX Panels characteristics

Stress grade

V2, E1

Service Condition

Dry use


Floor and roof cassettes

Appearence grades

Industrial and architectural


Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF)
Other species upon request

Number of layers

2 layers of CLT separated by glulam stringers or other engineered wood joists


Variable based on design

Maximum width

3.2m visual, 3.5m non-visual


Variable based on design, up to a maximum of 16m

E5 BOXX Panels

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