Sustainable & Affordable Housing

Prefabricated, panelized building solutions to help address urgent housing needs

The Construction Industry Needs a Transformation

The construction industry today faces many challenges including increased complexity, thinning margins, labour shortages, supply chain disruption and poor productivity.

Add to this, the fact that the construction, maintenance, and demolition of the built environment is a leading source of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and that we are in the midst of a global environmental crisis, and it’s clear that the construction industry is in serious need of transformation.

Mass timber is a real solution to these issues.

Mass Timber and the Wood Revolution

Mass timber buildings are prefabricated in high-tech manufacturing facilities, are shipped to site, and are assembled on site rather than constructed in the traditional manner. This means mass timber buildings offer a faster way to build that is remarkably cost-effective and reduces a project’s environmental impact, as wood is a natural, renewable and sustainable construction material with a much lighter carbon footprint than steel or concrete.

Finally, not only are Mass Timber affordable housing buildings are also designed for replicability.  Element5 has produced a number of multi-unit, residential mass timber buildings now, and though each is customized to suit the needs of the specific community and location, the architecture, engineering, material component and connections remain relatively the same – which helps to speed up the building permit process.

The team at Element5 are experts in the delivery of modern timber buildings and we are ready to help you transform the delivery of your next project, contact us today.

Building Features


Our optimized CLT (cross-laminated timber) design incorporates manufacturing efficiencies that drive down cost. The use of mass timber also helps reduce the construction schedule - generating significant cost savings over a strictly site-built project.


Site-built projects can be subject to weather delays, coordination issues, skilled local labour shortages, and other disruptions. In factory-built projects, timelines are compressed, with site preparation and fabrication often happening concurrently. Components are shipped in sequence for quick assembly.


People naturally respond to a warm, welcoming wood building. New research in the field of building science shows that this response is more than just a feeling. Incorporating wood and other natural elements into our buildings can directly contribute to the health and well-being of building occupants.


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