St.Thomas Daycare

Type: Éducatif

Address: St. Thomas, Ontario

St.Thomas Daycare

Private - Daycare

We value contributions to communities, and nothing is more gratifying to us than witnessing mass timber being used to build this beautifully designed Daycare Centre, particularly in St. Thomas, Ontario –home to Element5’s mass timber manufacturing plant. Biophilic research indicates that there are health benefits associated with living, working, and educating children in environments in which occupants are exposed to natural elements. Such benefits include increases in mental stimuli, energy, physical comfort levels, cognitive ability, attention, and memory (O’Brian &Murray, 2007). The St. Thomas Daycare will feature CLT and glulam as superstructure and E5’s Cross Laminated Insulated Panels (CLIPs) as envelope.

À propos de St.Thomas Daycare

Architecte / Designer

CGS | Curran Gacesa Slote Architects


St.Thomas, Ontario


kalos engineering

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